This double back-to-back issue is packed with tons of juicy features. The beautiful Heather Moss is back on our cover for this special edition. Jessie Smith sits down with Dan Henk to talk New School. Frank LaNatra chats about his humble beginnings. We’ve got artists galore! Frank Miller, Walter Montero, Sabrina Sawyers, Dustin Delong, Cristian Casas, Omri Amar, Daria Stahp, Jan Druff, Fat Tony, Sean Gardener, Josh Peacock, Jamie Ris, and Matsy. Music & Ink sat down with the creepily eccentric Davey Suicide for an interview. Electrum’s Rob Smead talks about retirement for tattooers. Gunnar talks about passing the torch from generation to generation. And last but not least, SouthernGFX, the animation team behind many major Netflix and feature films, introduces our readers to 3D painting and modeling for tattoo artists on the iPad!